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GLS places particular emphasis on building long-term partnerships – because they are the basis for high-quality services. The tasks at GLS are diverse – both for our own employees as well as for our transport partners and their delivery drivers. Please note that GLS does not employ drivers, instead exclusively working with independent transport companies to provide its delivery services. Are you interested in working as a delivery driver? We would be happy to put you in touch with our transport partners in your area. To contact us, please complete the "Become a delivery driver" form.

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GLS Germany GmbH & Co. OHG does not employ delivery drivers. We therefore offer you the opportunity to contact one of our transport partners in your area




Why does GLS work with transport companies?

Many sectors of our economy successfully apply the principle of division of labour. Like most large parcel services in Germany, GLS relies on cooperation with regional transport companies for long-distance transport as well as for parcel collection and delivery.

Our transport partners have precise knowledge of their market and local conditions and can plan accordingly. Route planning is best carried out by the transport partners/delivery drivers themselves because they have the best knowledge of the delivery area, such as opening times, points of contact, alternative addresses and access restrictions.

We are very interested in building sustainable, long-term business relationships with our transport partners. Good cooperation is the basis for the high quality service that GLS provides for its customers. We have worked with more than a third of our current partner transport companies for over ten years, and with some for over 25 years.

How does GLS remunerate transport companies?

GLS negotiates individual contracts with every one of its transport partner. When it comes to negotiating contracts, it is important that the economic framework conditions of both contracting parties are taken into account in an even-handed manner.

How much do delivery drivers earn from transport companies?

Payment is agreed individually between each transport company and the drivers it employs.